Picture Gallery #2

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filthy_lil.jpg (42345 bytes) "Filthy Lil" of the 71st Squadron in the early days of the war. (M. Wilkes)

Hardships.jpg (65299 bytes) "Filthy Lil" was later stripped and renamed "Hardships". She was used as a transport and made shuttle runs back and forth to Australia. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

Strike_Glo..jpg (111684 bytes) This picture was taken during a raid on Gloucester and at first, appears unremarkable. But, on close examination several interesting details are present. In the middle right side are bullet or shell strikes in the water, while the line of disturbed water to their left was caused by the propwash of the B-25 that this picture was taken from! At the top left corner are three small specks, they are incoming B-25s. Thanks to Ed Connor for pointing these details out to me. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

little_friends.jpg (113983 bytes) A Bell P-39 sitting at 17 mile airstrip. Port Moresby, New Guinea. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

b25.jpg (92147 bytes) A 38th B-25. Notice anything unusual about this aircraft? (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

Harriet.jpg (49731 bytes) "Harriet" receiving engine maintenance. Can anybody tell me what squadron "Harriet" belonged to? (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

MOHpainting.jpg (471614 bytes) "The Ultimate Sacrifice." Lawrence Hickey commissioned Steve Ferguson to paint this tribute to Major Ralph Cheli for his history of the 38th "Saga of the Sunsetters." This painting is copyrighted by International Research and Publishing and Lawrence was kind enough to grant us permission to post this to our website. (T. Terrell)

P9133903.jpg (1419074 bytes) This photo was sent to me by Dale Howieson (823rd). He stated " I am in this picture. There were 5 planes on this mission. I was #3, just as we flew over the tanker we went through a wall of fire. 1st plane took picture from its belly camera. 2nd plane is over the gunship. 3rd plane (myself) is passing the tanker. 4th plane is coming across the tanker. 5th plane is in the distance."  (Webmaster note) Dale Howieson passed away May 24, 1999 at the age of 78. He flew 52 missions with the 823rd Squadron.


"The Ultimate Sacrifice"  (above) is copyrighted by INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH AND PUBLISHING.