Picture Gallery #8

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upe5300.jpg (86445 bytes) 71st Squadron B-25s peeling for an attack. (E.Connor, H. Witcher)

upe6020.jpg (61856 bytes) 71st Squadron B-25s lining up for take-off. Okinawa. August 4,1945 (E.Connor, H. Witcher)

ZERO TAKING OFF.JPG (57550 bytes) Zero trying to become airborne during a 38th attack on a Japanese airfield. (E.Connor, H. Witcher)

upe3273.jpg (51633 bytes) 71st Squadron crew. Front row, left to right: S/Sgt. David R. Haygood (Miami, FL), S/Sgt. John A. Olson (Chicago, IL), and Sgt. James W. Forties (Newark, NJ). Back row, left to right: Lt. George E. Simms (Buffalo, NY), Lt. James W. Shurig (St. Louis, MO), and Lt. Hubert A. Knapp (Cincinnati, OH). (E.Connor, H. Witcher)

Ole Cappy.jpg (58870 bytes) Ole Cappy of the 405th Squadron. Crew is, bottom row, left to right; Hugh Anderson, Ray Zimmerman, unknown. Top row, left to right; Robert Herry, Roy Lee Grover, and Louis Ritacco. This B-25 was shot down on August 4, 1943. All the crew survived the crash except for one. Read more about this in the Crew search and Information page. (W. Deas)


B-25 Combat Crew.jpg (68669 bytes) 405th Squadron crew. Standing, upper right, is Capt. Hawkins. Kneeling, on the lower right is Joe O'Keefe. Can anybody identify the rest of this crew? (J. O'Keefe)

Sunsettersson.jpg (67826 bytes) "Sunsetter's Son," This aircraft and its crew was lost December 1, 1942. It was shot down during a shipping attack 92 miles north of Buna. Two parachutes were seen although there were no survivors. Pilot was 1st. Lt. Ross G. Menoher Jr. (Thanks to M. Claringbould for information on this aircraft.)

grasscutter.jpg (79477 bytes) "Grass Cutter."