Picture Gallery #7

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upe52A5.jpg (64785 bytes) Even though a war is going on, clothes still have to be washed! Can anybody identify this man? (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

upeC226.jpg (86903 bytes) A favorite picture! I can hear the engines! Just beautiful! (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

Sopac.jpg (94295 bytes) 405th crew. Standing, left to right: Lt. David Kurtz Jr.(co-pilot), ? White (pilot), 2nd. Lt. Clyde L. Wheeler (navigator). Can anybody identify the rest of the crew in this picture? (read about Lt. Kurtz on the crew search and information page) (D. Kurtz)

upeD1B5.jpg (50753 bytes) 71st Squadron crew. Front row, kneeling, left to right: T/Sgt. David E. Stern (Oroville, WA.), S/Sgt. Gibbon, Sgt. Lester D. Suter (Baltimore, MD.) Back row, left to right: Lt. Wright, Capt. Foster, and Lt. Norman L. Brynildson (Los Angeles, CA.) (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

upe1013.jpg (53891 bytes) 71st Squadron crew. Front row, left to right: S/Sgt. Speres Deskos (Natick, Mass.), T/Sgt. John J. Lynady (Carbondale, PA.), and S/Sgt. Alonzo P. Rushing (Madison, TN.). Back row, left to right: Lt. Robert J. Ulmer (Attica, NY.), Maj. Charles R. Musick (Doswell, Va.), and Lt. George D. Hoover (South Pasadena, CA.) (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

upe42C0.jpg (213215 bytes) Medical Officer of the 71st. Dr. James "Sawbones" D. Sharpe (New York, NY.). Can anybody identify the patient? (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

upe8293.jpg (48323 bytes) 71st. Squadron crew. Front row, left to right: Sgt. Leverne M. Emerick (Alliance, Nebraska), S/Sgt. William H. O'Shaughnessy (Woodhaven, Long Island, NY.), and S/Sgt. Robert E. McKnew (Washington, DC.) Back row, left to right: Lt. Charles B. Myers (Chicago, IL.), Lt. Frank A. Crockwell (Billings, Montana), and Lt. Paul A. Stuart (Falls Church, Va.).