Photo Gallery # 15

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ANOTHER CREW SHOT.JPG (94968 bytes) Some more men of the 71st. Front row, left to right, T/Sgt. Alexander C. Baxter (Lakewood, OH.), and S/Sgt. Phillip J. Keefe (Quincy, Mass.). Back row, left to right, Lt. Herbert A. Munday (Cleburne, TX.), Lt Hugh M. Breneman (Silver City, Iowa.), and Lt. Rex E. Breneman (Brookfield, KS.). (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

b25nose.jpg (83150 bytes) Can anyone identify this man standing in front of this 823rd Squadron B-25? This style of noseart was used in the late stages of the war. (Courtesy of Sea Bird Publishing, Inc.)

b25tiger.jpg (77332 bytes) A beautiful shot of an 823rd B-25 sitting on an airfield in New Guinea (Durand?). This has the style of noseart that was used through most of the war. (Courtesy of Sea Bird Publishing, Inc.)

nursnguy.jpg (85209 bytes) I'm assuming that this is a picture taken inside of the medical tents at Port Moresby. Can anyone tell us anything about the people pictured or the location? (Courtesy of Sea Bird Publishing, Inc.)

Aerial Photo 12.jpg (36969 bytes) This looks to be a picture of "Indian II" of the 71st. (J. Collom/M. Collom)

Aerial Photo 3.jpg (34594 bytes) A 71st. Squadron B-25 attacking shipping. (J. Collom/M. Collom)

38022.jpg (68394 bytes) Photo of 823rd Squadron crew taken at Lingayen. Orland Gage (Association President) is kneeling in the center of the first row. (O. Gage)

38027.jpg (29291 bytes) Another picture of Orland Gage. (823rd Squadron) (O. Gage)