Photo Gallery # 14

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img001.jpg (38912 bytes) Look closely at this picture. In the background, see the very well camoflaged Japanese aircraft carrier that is beached. This is the aircraft carrier that Lt. Col. Hawes tried to dive his B-25 into when he realized the plane wasn't going to make it back to base. August 9, 1945. (L. Wilson)

img002.jpg (70150 bytes) Another 38th Bomb Group strike photo. Not sure of the location. (L. Wilson)

Img003.jpg (54317 bytes) A great strike photo showing the parachute bombs falling from an 822nd squadron B-25. (L. Wilson)

Img004.jpg (55127 bytes) A strike photo from a 405th squadron B-25. Notice the parachute bomb getting ready to hit the hut at the bottom of the picture. (L. Wilson)

cookhouse.jpg (155130 bytes) An early picture of when the group first got to the war front. This is mostly 71st and 405th (I believe!) personnel responding to the call of food. This was the advanced echelon from Jackson Mississippi and these pictures were taken at Ballarat, Vic. Australia while en route. The advance echelon travelled there on the Tasker H. Bliss. (L. Frazee)

Crew Picture.jpg (17803 bytes) William_H._Richardson_Pilot.jpg (17387 bytes) I teamed these two pictures together because one is of the crew without the pilot (he took the picture!), and the other is of the pilot himself. In the crew shot, kneeling, left to right, Paul Johnson/Tail Gunner, Jack Collom/Flight Engineer-Top Turret Gunner. Standing, left to right, Bob Garmoe/Radio Op-Waist Gunner, Lt. John T. Young/Co-Pilot, Lt. Bob Sherrard/ Bombadier-Navigator. In the picture of the man standing alone is the Pilot of the crew, William H. Richardson. (M. Collom)

Group Picture in Camp.jpg (12421 bytes) Another picture sent in by the son of Jack Collom. Can anyone identify these men? (M. Collom)

405tha.jpg (67584 bytes) This is a group of 405th squadron men while still based in Mississippi. Identifications anyone? (T. Conrad)

405thd.jpg (61554 bytes) Another one from Mississippi. (T. Conrad)

405thb.jpg (64965 bytes) Another one. (T. Conrad)