Our men who didn't make it back home.

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Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office  

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"Our buddies, friends, and heros"

"High Flight"

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I've climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds - and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
I've topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew -
And, while with silent lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.


Date of death is not known for all. IF actual date of death (such as plane crash) is available, that will be the date displayed. If the official date of death (for insurance purposes) is available, that date will be displayed IF the actual date is not available. 

Headquarters Squadron-KIA Maj. Erza Best 12/30/43, Col. Edwin H. Hawes 8/9/45, Lt.Col. Carl C. Lausman 8/18/44

Headquarters KIA list is complete to best knowledge. 4/16/03


69th Squadron-KIA 1st Lt. John J. Doerr 12/21/41, Sgt. Albert E. Owen 6/4/42, 2nd.Lt. John P. Schuman 6/4/42, Cpl. Bernard C. Seitz 6/4/42, Pfc. Ervin A. Wilkening 9/18/42

69th. Squadron KIA list is complete to best knowledge. 4/16/03

70th Squadron-KIA Pvt.Joseph F. Adomaitis, Pvt.Charles W. Andrukitis, 1st.Lt. George E. Baucom, Pvt. Charles A. Blackwell, Cpl. James E. Blackwell 3/26/43, Pvt. Michael Bobovsky, 2nd.Lt. Robert C. Boden, Pvt. Chester J. Bracey, 2nd.Lt. John K. Burns, Capt. Walter L. Callaham 11/15/42, 2nd.Lt. Elmer Deblitz, Pvt. Joseph F. Downey, 2nd.Lt. Charles S. Drewyour 10/13/42, Pvt. Thomas J. Eagan, 1st.Lt. Lyman H. Eddy, 2nd.Lt. Leonard M. Feldman 11/15/42, Pvt. Stephen J. Garrity, Pvt. Cyril J. Gilbert, Pfc. Richard Gray 11/15/42, 1st.Lt. Omar W. Headrick 1/3/43, Pvt. Harry L. Heffner, Pvt. Lester L. Herring, S/Sgt. Frank L. House 11/15/42, 2nd.Lt. Samuel R. Hufstedler Jr. 11/15/42, M/Sgt. Arthur Jolly, Pvt. Curtiss J. Keefer, Pfc. John E. Lawler 11/15/42, Pvt. Aubrey K. Maxwell, Pvt. Joseph W. McDonald, Pvt. Thomas W. Moore, 2nd.Lt. Edward H. Morrison, Pvt. Norman M. Nace, 1st.Lt. Thomas O'Connor 10/13/42, 1st.Lt. Richard T. Otis 10/13/42, 1stLt. Pvt. Roy H. Philson Jr., S/Sgt. Coleman D. Ramsey 10/13/42, 2ndLt. Conrad A. Ray, Pvt. William E. Rebok, Cpl. Leo J. Savitski, 2nd.Lt. John L. Sherlock, Pfc. Howard G. Spencer 10/13/42, Pvt. John Washuta, 2nd.Lt. William J. Winemiller Jr. 7/3/42, Cpl. Michael P. Yanushefski

70th Squadron KIA list is complete to best knowledge. 4/16/03

71st Squadron-KIA 2nd.Lt. Clyde Ames 5/6/45, Capt. John L. Armor 12/20/43, 1st.Lt. Courtney B. Atkinson, T/Sgt. Louis Aversa 3/14/46, (unknown first name) Baker, T/Sgt. Henry C. Bogart 1/7/46, S/Sgt. John S. Boyd 11/23/44, 1st.Lt. Elmer P. Brinkman 1/7/43, T/Sgt. Denver M. Bryant 7/14/46, 1st.Lt. Melvin R. Bulls 3/2/45, S/Sgt. Walter D. Burgess 11/2/43, S/Sgt. Jack A. Burrows 4/7/45, 1st.Lt. Kenneth M. Caisse 12/12/45, 1st.Lt. Terrance J. Carey 9/12/44, T/Sgt. Ernest T. Carlow, 2nd.Lt. John M. Carves, Pvt. Dale M. Collins 10/23/42, Pfc. Richard J. Conlon 12/12/45, Sgt. James W. Connor 1/7/46, T/Sgt. Tyler M. Craig Jr. 2/7/45, Pfc. J.J. Creighton 7/1/44, 2nd.Lt. William A. Daniels 9/2/43, 2nd.Lt. William E. Davenport 3/14/46, Sgt. Peter R. Dennis 12/12/45, 1st.Lt. Ercoli Ducci 7/27/43, F/O. Thomas H. Edwards Jr. 3/20/45, 1st.Lt. Lawrence M. Elkins 12/20/43, S/Sgt. Charles Evans 11/2/42, Cpl. Donald P. Evans, 1st.Lt. Donald H. Fahrnbruch 2/7/45, S/Sgt. M.C. Fearnow, S/Sgt. James F. Flannagan Jr. 1/7/46, S/Sgt. Gerard G. Fortier 1/12/46, F/O. George W. Foust 3/20/45, T/Sgt. Joseph R. Gamba 3/20/45, 2nd.Lt. James F. Garvin 12/20/43, 1st.Lt. Bernard D. Genz 2/7/45, 1st.Lt. Phillip E. Germain 12/12/45, (unknown first name) Ghent, 1st.Lt. William S. Goodchild 1/7/46, 2nd.Lt. Walter T. Green, Sgt. Harold J. Gross 2/15/44, Cpl. John A. Halmekangas, S/Sgt. Melvin L. Hamner 12/20/43, T/Sgt. James C. Healan 2/16/45, 1st.Lt. Albert W. Heatter, Jr.1/16/44, 1st.Lt. James A. Henderson 7/1/44, 2nd.Lt. Edmund A. Heren 6/13/45, 2nd.Lt. James S. Hill 2/7/45, 2nd.Lt. Roy E. Hindman, 2nd.Lt. Alton W. Howard, Jr.9/2/43, 1st.Lt. James A. Hungerpiller 11/2/43, 1st.Lt. R. Hurst 7/1/44, 1st.Lt. Vincent D. Jamme Jr.3/14/46, 2nd.Lt. Earl W. Jett, Pvt. Edward E. Johnson, T/Sgt. Edward A. Kelly 12/12/45, T/Sgt. Michael Kepics 3/20/45, S/Sgt. James F. Kirby 5/6/45, F/O. Robert O. Kitchin 1/16/44, 2nd.Lt. Hubert A. Knapp 11/23/44, 2nd.Lt. Gordon C. Larson 7/7/45, 2nd.Lt. Thomas M. Logsdon 1/7/46, Sgt. William J. Londraville 7/7/45, 2nd.Lt. Harry D. Mack 7/27/43, 1st.Lt. Charles L. Maggart, T/Sgt. Robert E. Marshall 3/2/45, 2nd.Lt. Edward Q. May Jr., 2ndLt. Victor J. Mazur 3/14/46, 2nd.Lt. Joseph H. McAllister, S/Sgt. Robert R. McCabe 9/2/43, S/Sgt. Joseph H. McDonough 1/12/46, Sgt. Paul B. McElroy 12/12/45, Sgt. Clarence H. McGinnis 11/2/43, Pfc. Kenneth O. McKinzie, 1st.Lt. Donnelly R. McMillan 1/12/46, 2nd.Lt. Lauren S. Meader 12/12/45, 1st.Lt. Ross G. Menoher 12/12/45, Jr. Sgt. Henry Miga 7/1/44, Sgt. Mikola, F/O. Clarence F. Miller 11/2/43, Cpl. William K. Miller 11/23/44, 2nd.Lt. Jack D. Mills 10/23/42, S/Sgt. Frank A. Mino 11/2/43, 2nd.Lt. Paul L. Negley,  S/Sgt. Ellwood S. Norton 7/27/43, S/Sgt. Gus W. Pantages 2/13/45, Capt. Thomas J. Paul, 2nd.Lt. Roland A. Purkey 12/12/45, S/Sgt. Louis E. Reabold 1/7/46, T/Sgt. Owen C. Remillard 9/2/43, 2nd.Lt. Everett A. Rice 11/2/43, Robbins, S/Sgt. Alva J. Rush Jr. 2/7/45, 2nd.Lt. Owen H. Salvage, 2nd.Lt. Lloyd L. Savely 12/12/45, 1st.Lt. Richard P. Schumacher 9/2/43, 1st.Lt. Harry Serser, 1st.Lt. William R. Shank 7/27/43, 1st.Lt. Richard T. Sharp, 2nd.Lt. Lonnie C. Shattuck Jr. 11/2/43, Capt. George E. Simms Jr. 3/20/45, S/Sgt. Billy H. Smith, Jr.12/20/43, 1st.Lt. Theodore Stathocopolous 2/25/45, T/Sgt. Albert A. Steele 7/27/43, 2nd.Lt. Aloysius W. Steele 7/1/44, 2nd.Lt. Andrew A. Sturchio 7/7/45, Pvt. Charles W. Taggart, 1st.Lt. Harold P. Tiddens 7/7/45, Capt. William L. Uhler 1/12/46, 2nd.Lt. Harry E. Washer 10/23/42, 2nd.Lt. Herbert C. Weiner, S/Sgt. John Williams 1/16/44, 1st.Lt. Robert S. Williamson 3/20/45, 2nd.Lt. James W. Wimer 3/2/45, S/Sgt. John H. Wismer 3/20/45, Pvt. George V. Wolcatt 12/12/45, Sgt. Paul H. Zirinsky 7/7/45.

71st. Squadron KIA list is complete to best knowledge. 1/21/07

822nd Squadron-KIA 2nd.Lt. George E. Alderfer 1/21/44, T/Sgt. James A. Bacon Jr. 11/10/44, 2nd.Lt. Francis J. Bailey 11/29/44, T/Sgt. Elmer W. Beck 1/21/44, 2nd.Lt. Whitney Blauvelt 10/2/45, 1st.Lt.Carl W. Blieck 11/10/44, 2nd.Lt. John V. Bowen Jr. 7/20/45, T/Sgt. Weslie H. Brown 1/19/46, Capt. David C. Bryant Jr. 1/21/44, S/Sgt. Gordon S. Burns 10/2/45, Sgt. William G. Camp 11/10/44, 2nd.Lt. Albert B. Capt 11/10/44, S/Sgt. Rafael Carrasquillo 3/20/45, 2nd.Lt. Leonard T. Coby 2/6/46, Cpl. Harry A. Coffman 9/21/45, S/Sgt. Paul L. Cozine 11/10/44, 2nd.Lt. Robert L. Crane 11/10/44, F/O James W. Davis 11/10/44, Sgt. Walter N. Dilbeck 11/10/44, Sgt. Leo C. Donohue 11/10/44, Sgt. Donald R. Duncan 11/11/45, T/Sgt. Roy L. Eaves 4/2/45, T/Sgt. Willie H. Edmonds 6/8/45, 1st.Lt. Mathew L. English 2/6/46, Sgt. Andrew Fatula 3/15/45, 1st.Lt. Louis J. Fitzsimmons 11/11/45, 2nd.Lt. Ralph N. Fountain 3/20/45, Sgt. Wilfred A. Gabel 11/29/44, Sgt. John D. Gaffney 11/29/44, 1st.Lt. Daniel E. Goodwin 1/21/44, Sgt. Elvis H. Hamrick 11/11/45, Pfc. Ira J. Hawthorn 8/1/44, S/Sgt.Carl Henecke 1945, T/Sgt. Paul W. Hering 3/11/45, S/Sgt. Homer B. Hicks 11/11/45, 2nd.Lt. Ralph W. Hoffman 8/1/44, 2nd.Lt. Elmer J. Hohman 2/6/46, S/Sgt. Carl B. Horner 3/20/45, S/Sgt. Harold P. Hunt 11/29/44, 2nd.Lt. Harry R. Hurley 11/11/45, 1st Lt. Clifford Jaebker 11/22/43, F/O Owin T. Jones 3/11/45, 1st.Lt. Barry P. Justis 2/10/45, S/Sgt. Rodman Katz 11/10/43, Sgt. Robert Leroy Kelly 2/28/45, 2nd.Lt. Gerald M. Kendall 11/11/45, Cpl. Robert S. Kevelson 12/27/44, T/Sgt. Harry B. Kirk 2/6/46, 2nd.Lt. Lloyd E. Koerner 11/10/44, Jerry Kustage 6/44, Sgt. Stanley C. Lawrence 3/22/44, 1st.Lt. Stanley C. Maxlan 3/11/45, T/Sgt. Charles W. Miles 4/2/45, 2nd.Lt. Robert L. Miller 3/20/45, S/Sgt. Paul J. Molica 2/6/46, Sgt. Eugene J. Muldoon 11/10/44, 2nd.Lt. Charles H. Muller 2/28/45, 2nd.Lt. Merlin S. Neff 4/2/45, S/Sgt. Edwin J. Nolan 11/10/44, 1st.Lt. Stanley J. O'Chalek 11/29/44, Walt Oldham 6/44, 1st.Lt. Charles W. Piper 11/29/44, S/Sgt. Ivan C. Shropshire 3/11/45, 1st.Lt. John H. Stewart 1/21/44, 1st.Lt. George E. Summers Jr. 1/21/44, Sgt. Leslie C. Tucker 1/21/44, 2nd.Lt. Bob L. Wahl 3/11/45, Cpl. William "Billy" G. Ward 3/11/45, Sgt. Rudyard K. Wickliffe 11/10/44, S/Sgt. Gerald D. Willett 11/10/43, Sgt. Leon L. Withrow 2/10/45, S/Sgt. Raymond V. Zachman 11/10/44.

822nd. Squadron KIA list is complete to my knowledge. 12/10/06

823rd Squadron-KIA Maj. Jack N. Adams 3/2/45, Cpl. Lee E. Ahcheko 3/15/45, Sgt. Theodore Anagnos 12/15/45, S/Sgt. George Andrews 3/8/45, Cpl. Sherwood T. Anthony 11/11/45, 1st.Lt. Justus W. Bachman 1/28/44, 2nd.Lt. Jesus P. Badia 1/28/44, Stanley W. Banko 11/27/43, Cpl. Berford M. Barnard 6/45, Sgt. Marion E. Barnett 12/26/44, S/Sgt. George F. Basha 4/15/44,  2nd.Lt. Christian C. Bauer Jr. 7/8/45, Capt. David T. Bechtol 1945, 2nd.Lt. Robert C. Bloxam 1/8/44, Sgt. Johnnie R. Boykin 12/15/45, 1st.Lt. Thomas W. Bradham 4/2/44, 1st.Lt Leo B. Braun 1/8/44, S/Sgt. Murray Burgess 11/1/44, 2nd.Lt. William A. Burke 12/30/44, Pvt. Wilfred E. Burnham 7/15/45, T/Sgt. Zachariah T. Byars 7/26/45, Cpl. R.C. Cain 6/45, S/Sgt. William N. Carter 2/5/45, 2nd.Lt. Robert D. Chapin Jr. 12/15/45, 2nd.Lt. Alden J. Chatwin 1/21/44, 2nd.Lt. John A. Chesley 12/30/44, 1st.Lt. Albert M.Conradi 6/29/45, Sgt. Calvin T. Cooper 11/1/44, 2nd.Lt. George E. Cronin 12/26/44, S/Sgt. Dean E. Curry 12/26/44, Sgt. William D'Elia 1/28/44, 1st.Lt. John H. Di'Filippo 2/15/44, Sgt. Charles F. Dillinger 3/2/45, T/Sgt. Carl J. Durfee 12/30/44, Cpl. Robert J. Ebright 3/15/45, S/Sgt. Hubert C. Franks 2/5/45, T/Sgt. Willis K. Fulp, 1st.Lt. George R. Gable Jr. 2/2/44, 2nd.Lt. George A. Gaffney, 1st.Lt. Robert V. Gemmer 2/5/45, Cpl. Charles G. Gomery 6/45, 2nd.Lt. Frederick H. Good 2/5/45, T/Sgt. John H. Greenfield 1/21/44, Sgt. Ronald F. Greer Jr. 12/30/44, 1st.Lt. Stanley R. Gross 8/18/44, Cpl. John S. Hackworth Jr. 3/15/45, Sgt. Rollie Heskett 6/45, 1st.Lt. George S. Heyen 2/15/44, 2nd.Lt. Donald S. Hockensmith 1/8/44, Sgt. G.C. Hughes 11/11/45, 2nd.Lt. Henry R. Jeanfarve 11/1/44, 2nd.Lt. Clarence F. Jureczki 12/30/44, Kaplan 7/27/45, 2nd.Lt. Louis S. Kefer 2/15/44, F/O John Keglovitz 11/1/44, Cpl. Walter B. Kenney Jr. 12/30/44, 1st.Lt. Clarence R. Kowalski 6/29/45, S/Sgt. William R."Bill" Kyle 10/30/44, T/Sgt. Everett J. Lightner 2/2/44, S/Sgt. George C. Marcelynas 12/26/44, T/Sgt. John S. Menning 7/27/45, 1st.Lt. Joseph H. Meyers 1/21/44, 2nd.Lt. Hillard C. Mullin 7/27/45, S/Sgt. William H. Murray Sr. 5/5/45, 1st.Lt. Calhoun P. Narten 1/28/44, T/Sgt. Norman L. Nelson 1/28/44, F/O Otis T. Newland 12/15/45, 2nd.Lt. Vernon A. Norris 11/11/45,  2nd.Lt. William A. O'Donnell 3/8/45, Cpt. William J. Peters Jr.11/11/45, 1st.Lt. Louis U. Pitts Jr. 7/26/45, S/Sgt. Charles D. Plageman 1/28/44, S/Sgt. William P. Rademacher 7/26/45, 2nd.Lt. Joseph Rapach  6/45, S/Sgt. Edmund J. Ratajczak 2/5/45, 2nd.Lt. Samuel A. Reed 7/27/45, 2nd.Lt. Milton H. Reestman 2/2/44, 1st.Lt. Donald T. Renshaw  1/28/44, Sgt. Charles E. Roberts 3/8/45, S/Sgt. Floyd M. Romick 2/2/44, F/O Stanislav I. Rossa 3/15/45, Sgt. Michael Rutigliano 11/1/44, S/Sgt. Edward L. Sayers 1/8/44, Sears 7/27/45, S/Sgt. Ted P. Shabowski 1/21/44, Willie "Ted" Sharpton 11/27/43, Sgt.William J. Sheahan 2/2/44, S/Sgt. David J. Sheehan 11/1/44, 2nd. Lt. Robert H. Simer 7/27/45, 2nd.Lt. Gordon J. Smith 7/26/45, Sgt. Richard O. Smith 3/2/45, 2nd.Lt. John R. "Jack" Stack 11/27/43, Sgt. John Storhaugen 10/30/44, S/Sgt. Walter E. Strauser 1/8/44, Lt. Strickland 7/26/45, 1st.Lt. Frank Taylor 2/2/44, 2nd.Lt. Joe A Vigil 2/5/45, Cpl. Charles G. Vilberg 3/8/45, 2nd.Lt. Sheldon Wade 12/26/44, 2nd.Lt. Chester C. Wagner 12/26/44, T/Sgt. Richard R. Walker 7/26/45, S/Sgt. Jacob L. Wanamaker 1/8/44, S/Sgt. Granville W. Ware 7/27/45, 2nd.Lt. Sheldon Ware 12/26/44, 2nd.Lt. James N. Webb 3/15/45, Cpl. Robert W. Weyhenmeyer 11/11/45, 1st.Lt. John "Jack" M. Wieland 11/27/43, 2nd.Lt. Dale R. Wilson 11/27/43, S/Sgt. Irvin E. Woolenweber 11/27/43 

823rd Squadron KIA list is complete to my knowledge. 5/16/03.

405th Squadron-KIA 2nd.Lt. Richard Allen Jr. 12/26/45, T/Sgt. Hugh W. Anderson 8/5/43, 2nd.Lt. Roger P. Anderson 5/17/45, 1st.Lt. Robert G. Apai 2/17/44, Sgt. Aub L. Atkins, Jr.12/5/42, 1st.Lt. Charles E. Barber MIA 9/2/43-KIA 9/27/43, 2nd.Lt. William G. Barron 10/16/44, 1st.Lt. David E. Beale 2/29/44, 2nd.Lt. Clarence G. Beck 4/28/45, 1st.Lt. Kimmel R. Beedy 2/29/44, 2nd.Lt. James J."Ben" Benjamin 1/31/45, F/O Leon H. Bennett 8/7/45, 1st.Lt. Charles E. Besley 12/21/43, S/Sgt. Donald E. Billeter 11/3/43, F/O. John D. Blain 9/2/43, S/Sgt Samuel A. Boccelli 10/5/44, 1st.Lt. Charles E. Booth 5/14/44, 2nd.Lt. Thomas H. Boots 9/2/43, S/Sgt. Jack Bowman 9/2/43, F/O Gale E. Boynton 7/28/45, 1st.Lt. George R. Branzell 10/12/43, 2nd.Lt. Frank O. Burgeson 12/21/43, F/O. Doyle C. Byal 12/26/45, Pfc. Antonio P. Calderon 12/5/42, S/Sgt. Robert J. Capacefalo 9/2/43, T/Sgt. Joseph A. Carroll 4/25/44, Cpl. Pedro V. Chaffino 11/27/42, Maj. Ralph Cheli (CO) MIA 8/18/43-KIA 3/5/44, 2nd.Lt. Lewis A. Cleveland 10/12/43, 2nd.Lt. John V. Clinger 8/18/44, 1st.Lt. Raymond J. Cohen 2/17/44, 1st.Lt. Michael A. Conforto 2/29/44, Cpl. Ernest H. Craine 2/17/44, 2nd.Lt. Edsal J. Crews 10/12/43, S/Sgt George E. Curtin 5/14/44, 2nd.Lt. Warren M. De'Marcus 1/31/45, 2nd.Lt. James J. De'Schef 7/28/45, 2nd.Lt. Wallace J. Deshko 5/14/44, 2nd.Lt. Howard J. Drumm 12/30/44, S/Sgt Carl N. Dubke 12/30/44, Sgt. Stanley W. Dunn 7/28/45, S/Sgt. Hilario B. Escamilla 10/2/44, S/Sgt. Martin Feldman 1/31/45, S/Sgt. John J. Flynn Jr. 6/2/45, 2nd.Lt. Roger (Robert) K. Fox (11/2/43)11/3/43, 2nd.Lt. Thomas W. Franklin (11/2/43)11/3/43, 1st.Lt. Walter E. Fuller (10/18/43) 10/16/43, S/Sgt. Mark J. Gibbons 10/2/44, T/Sgt. John E. Grahek 2/17/44, S/Sgt. William F. Green 9/2/43, 1st.Lt. Gerald Greenberg 12/21/43, S/Sgt.Vearl W. Griffin 7/28/45, Cpl. Richard P. Grutza 12/5/42, 2nd.Lt. William E. Guyer 10/5/44, 2nd.Lt. Lawrence R. Hankins 12/30/44, 2nd.Lt. Dale S. Hannah 8/30/44, T/Sgt. Robert E. Hannan Jr. 10/12/43, 1st.Lt. John Heard 2/17/44, Capt. Robert L. Herry 8/5/43, 2nd.Lt. George E. High 8/30/44, Pvt. Jack W. Hornback 8/7/45, 2nd.Lt. Eugene Hornbostel 7/28/45, Sgt. Raymond W. Hugh 8/30/44, 1st.Lt. Robert H. Huhn 4/16/44, 2nd.Lt. Bernard Jacobs 1/31/45, S/Sgt. Donald A. Jarvis 8/30/44, T/Sgt. John A. Jenna 12/21/43, 1st.Lt. Norwood L. Johnson 2/29/44, 2nd.Lt. Wallace E. Kirk 10/5/44, S/Sgt. Charles O. Kleckner 2/17/44, 2nd.Lt. Robert J. Koscelmak (8/31/43) 8/5/43, Sgt. Paul Kopal 2/1/45, Cpl. Edward B. Kudgus 5/17/45, Sgt. Robert F. Lavoie 7/28/45, 2nd.Lt. Jackson E. Le'viene 8/30/44, S/Sgt. Marion E. Long 1/24/45, 2nd.Lt. Robert H. Lorang 5/15/46, S/Sgt. Charles M. Lucas 1/24/45, S/Sgt. Hugh B. Malkinson 10/2/44, T/Sgt. John H. Martin Jr. 9/2/43,Sgt. Lloyd W. Martin 8/7/45, F/O Robert E. Maxson 8/7/45, S/Sgt. Donald A. McCombs 1/31/45, 2nd.Lt. William A. McFadyen 11/27/42, 2nd.Lt. Thomas C. McGovern 10/2/44, Sgt. John D. Meininger 11/2/43, S/Sgt. Charlie H. Moore 1/22/46, 2nd.Lt. Spencer M. Moore 10/16/43, S/Sgt. Clinton H. Murphree 12/3/45, Sgt. Harvey C. Noren 9/2/43, Maj. Melville Offers (CO) 1/5/43, S/Sgt. Harry J. Ofsa 1/31/45, S/Sgt. John A. Pagliuso 12/13/45, S/Sgt. Dominic S. Palasciano 2/1/45, S/Sgt. James J. Patrick 10/12/43, 1st.Lt. Wilson L. Pinkstaff 12/5/42, T/Sgt. Edward Ponik 2/2/45, Sgt. Miles W. Powell 5/17/45, Sgt. Max M. Prather 8/30/44, T/Sgt. Elden W. Protivinsky 12/21/43, 2nd.Lt. William L. Purdom 11/27/42, 2nd.Lt. Abraham Rancman 8/7/45, 1st.Lt. Vincent A. Raney 8/18/43, 2nd.Lt. Robert B. Reese 10/16/43, 1st.Lt. Louis J. Ritacco 8/5/43, Sgt. Leo M. Roberts 5/14/44, 2nd.Lt. Frederick C. Rogers 4/16/44, S/Sgt. Lee N. Rogers 2/1/45, 2nd.Lt. Terrence C. Ruff 11/3/43, T/Sgt. Edward P. Senior 1/24/45, S/Sgt. John B. Senter 10/5/44, 2nd.Lt. Charles K. Shearer 8/18/44, S/Sgt. Eldon D. Shrock 1/15/44, 1st.Lt. Garfield W. Simons 1/24/45, Cpl. Franklin F. Smith 6/14/43, 2nd.Lt. Peyton M. Smith 12/25/44, S/Sgt. Ralph C. Somers 12/30/44, F/O. Samual Soto 5/15/46, 2nd.Lt. Frank E. Stanley 2/1/45, T/Sgt. Albert E. Stevens 12/30/44, 2nd.Lt. William N. Stocking 12/5/42, 2nd.Lt. Robert W. Stohl 10/2/44, Pvt. Robert E. Taylor 7/14/42, 2nd.Lt. Frank Thompson 12/5/42, 2nd.Lt. John O. L. Turootte 11/27/42, 2nd.Lt. John A. Tygart 12/26/45, Sgt. Robert Upton 1942, 2nd.Lt. Edward L. Vanderbeck 5/14/44, 2nd.Lt. Richard R. Vogel 9/2/43, 2nd.Lt. Jack Walfish 10/5/44, Sgt. Kenneth W. Wallace 1/22/46, 2nd.Lt. Robert W. Warner 10/2/44, T/Sgt. Raymond C. Warren 8/16/43, F/O Charles P. Wells 9/2/43, Sgt. Rudolf B. Williamson 2/29/44, S/Sgt. Alfred Winter 2/29/44, 2nd.Lt. William E. Woodson 10/16/43, F/O Don M. Yancey 8/18/43, T/Sgt Abner J. Yoder 2/17/44, S/Sgt. Raymond J. Zimmerman 8/5/43, S/Sgt. Anthony P. Zingaro 10/5/44

405 Squadron KIA list is complete to best knowledge. 1/21/07

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