Picture Gallery #1

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P9173954.jpg (226957 bytes) This is a large picture (may take a couple of minutes to see the full size version) of a 71st. squadron B-25 dropping parachute bombs. (USAF)

Maj._C._Musick.jpg (85972 bytes) Major Charles R. Musick, 71st Squadron Commander. Major Musick was from Richmond (Doswell), Va. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

71wMusick.jpg (306976 bytes) This is a 71st. crew standing with Maj. Musick. Top row, left to right; Lt. Hoover, Maj. Musick, Lt. Ulmer. Bottom row, Left to right; T/Sgt. Taylor, S/Sgt. Deskos, S/Sgt. Fields (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

71st_art.jpg (138942 bytes) On the left is James R. Tieken from Mendon, Illinois. Jim was a gunner in the 71st who also worked in the photo section. Man on the right is still unidentified. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

indian_II.jpg (108325 bytes) Indian II of the 71st. in flight. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

38thpeople.jpg (33931 bytes) Major Ralph Cheli. He was thought to have been killed when Allied bombers sunk a Japanese ship carrying prisoners. It wasn't until recently it was discovered that he had been killed/murdered while in prison camp. His remains were found and identified after the war was over. His remains are now buried at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MO. Major Cheli is the only member of the 38th to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. (T. Terrell)



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