Picture Gallery #3

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saidor.jpg (175966 bytes) A tail gunners view of a raid on the Japanese airfield at Saidor, New Guinea. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

H.Witcher.jpg (117993 bytes) Herb Witcher from Difficult TN., shortly after his arrival in Port Moresby June 22, 1943. He is standing in the campsite of the 71st. squadron. Herb was originally assigned to the 823rd, but because of a shortage of radio operators, he was transferred to the 71st. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

eng.flt71.jpg (135349 bytes)  This is the Engineering Flight of the 71st. Can anyone identify anybody in this picture? (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

t.halllingayen.jpg (173469 bytes)  This is a picture of the ruins of the town hall in Lingayen, The Philippines. (According to an unnamed source, the 71st. dug their latrine right in the middle of it!) Shown in the photo from left to right: Man with the sunglasses, unknown; Steven S. Stavroff from Philadelphia, PA.; Herb Witcher from Difficult, TN.; John M. "Chuck" Jordan from New York City, NY.; man at the far right is unknown. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)


budpalmer823.jpg (110309 bytes)  Bud Palmer of the 823rd. (Read about Bud in the Crew search section) (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

405skip.jpg (143329 bytes) A 405th squadron (Green Dragons) skip-bombing at Wewak. (E. Connor, H. Witcher)

sgt. franklin.jpg (238749 bytes) Sgt. Franklin (M. Wilkes)