Douglas Thropp (475th FG, 431st SQDN) passed away 3/15/04. He was the last surviving member of Major Mcguire's last flight. He went with me to the air museum in Richmond, Va. to meet Gen. Tibbets (Enola Gay). He will be missed.


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The 38th Lament

"Ode to Shanty O'Neill"

The 38th Group's been in Guinea too long
    We're mighty hard up for a drink
    For want of a woman we're all going nuts
    Oh, Shanty please say what you think

    There are snakes in the jungle and bugs in the grass
    The mosquitoes have seven inch prongs
    The rain falls in buckets clear up to our ass
    Oh, Shanty we've been here too long

    Oh, the airplanes all stink and the pilots all drink
    The navvies don't know where they are
    The bombardiers can't hit a bucket of shit
    Oh, Shanty please send us afar

    We've been over Buna, we've been over Lae
    We've been out to sea after ships
    We've been to Gasmata and Vunakanau
    Oh, Shanty it gives us the shits

    Now Shanty's our leader, He's Irish they say
     Irish as a banshee's wail
    But take it from us, we know he's just
     Half scotch and half ginger ale.

(Written by Lt. Uhler)

(Thanks to Roy Lee Grover for helping me to get the right version)



The Kitchen Table Gang


histmkr.jpg (91171 bytes)

When the Air Corps became a threat to the Navy! (Click on image to enlarge.)


Bumper sticker seen by Walt Deas (ACS) "It is God's responsibility to forgive Bin Laden, it is our responsibility to arrange the meeting" United States Marine Corps



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We all know it's getting harder to find anything of interest involving the Pacific Theater, at least anything that's non-fiction. Michael Claringbould's books are still a favorite of mine and they should be yours too, but the new CD/ROM "Pacific Ghosts" should be right up your alley. When the most informative men who know of the WWII aircraft wrecks in the Pacific collaborate to put together this CD/ROM, then you know it's going to be good. And it is. Justin Taylan of  Pacific Wrecks Database and Michael Claringbould of Aerothentic Publications have put together a "Must-have" for anyone interested in the war in the pacific. I HIGHLY recommend it! Click on the banner above to check it out.