A Tribute to my grandfather and those who served with him.

By Lewis Cleveland III


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Lt. Lewis A. Cleveland (405th), above left.  Lt. Cleveland, Lt. Maurer, unknown, above middle. Roger Lewis Cleveland receiving the Silver Star Medal for his dad at approximately 2 years of age, above right. 

 To the members of the 38th Bomb Group.

I want to thank you for the service that you and others like you gave in defense of FREEDOM. I myself served six years in the submarine force and have three brothers, all whom have served in the Navy. One of them is currently a P-3 pilot. I want you to know that in our family (I have 4 daughters and 1 son) the service of the 38th Bomb Group will never be forgotten! The 38th Bomb Group and the 5th Air Force may never get the Hollywood coverage that the 8th Air Force has received, but in my heart and in my family, the memory of "The Forgotten Fifth" will live forever! Thank you for all you have done and may God bless you and your family. My fathers name is Roger Lewis Cleveland (born November 29th, 1943 ), the name "Roger" chosen by my grandfather because of the pilot's frequent use of the term "Roger". I am the oldest of four sons. I am named for my grandfather and my son, fifth of my children after four daughters, is named Mitchell Lewis Henry Cleveland for my grandfather and grandmother. Needless to say, the memory of our grandfather and his service is secure. But for others not as fortunate as he, your website is a fitting and honorable tribute. Lewis Cleveland III 

Lt. Lewis A. Cleveland and his crew, Lt. Edsal J. Crews, Lt. George Branzell, T/Sgt. Robert E. Hannan Jr., and S/Sgt. James J. Patrick were shot down in combat over Rabaul, New Britain on October 12, 1943. Lt. Cleveland, T/Sgt. Hannan, and S/Sgt. Patrick are now buried in the military cemetery in Marietta, Georgia. They were found buried near the crash site in 1947.             

 cleve3.jpg (532302 bytes) Lewis Cleveland II and his family at the gravesite.

cleve4.jpg (251084 bytes) The 4 daughters and 1 son of Lewis Cleveland III at the gravesite.




cleve5.jpg (155198 bytes) Lewis Cleveland III and his son at the gravesite.

cleve6.jpg (295464 bytes) Lt. Lewis A. Cleveland's great grandson in the arms of his mother at the gravesite.

Anyone who may have known Lt. Cleveland or has any information concerning his service with the 38th Bomb Group can contact his family at lewclev@flash.net .