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Part 1 covers the 71st Squadron combat missions through Aug 18 1943 and the raids on Wewak.

Key words: Alexishafen, Gasmata, Cape Gloucester, Lae, Capt Uhler Lt. Pinkstaff, Lt Ducci , Ray Slaick

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Part two covers the period from October 1943  into April 1944 Targets ran fro Cape Gloucester, Kavieng and Hollandia and all places in between. Weather was always a factor and many missions were cancelled because of weather conditions. This period saw the 38th move from Durand to Nadzab

Key words: Cape Goucester, Cape Moem, Hansa Bay, Wewak, But, Dagua, Hollandia. Kavieng Township, Bogadjim, Shaggy Ridge.

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Part Three covers the Biak fighting and the stay at Morotai, the move to Lingayen and supporting the liberation of Luzon 1n 1945. Capt. Robert W. Blair takes Command of the 71st

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Part 4 cover the moths of March 1945 to July 1945

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Part 5 covers May 1945 through May 1946

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