Thanks to Everett Brady, 405th, for submitting this mission report via Gerry Carpenter, both of whom participated in this attack.


     A second shot at Kagi, Formosa, was assigned the 405th may 22, 1944, specifically the railway yards at that fast decling center and Kizan Alcohol Plant designated as the secondary target. The usual striking force of 6 B-25s was dispatched 0815/I , with fifty six 250 pound 4 to 5 second delay para demos.

     At target area, weather the density of jellied consomme was plunged into and quickly back out of as both targets were completely closed in. The sextet then proceeded to pounce upon targets of opportunity in two flights of three each. A butanol plant 10 miles SW of Kagi was attacked , 25 bombs falling in trains throughout the area, scoring hits on two large storage tanks resulting in large orage flame fires rising to a height of 200 feet, probably engulfing the entire area. A direct hit demolished a large warehouse but further damage assessment  was impossible due to fire and smoke.

     Nine bombs scored four near misses with negative on a railway bridge five miles north of Kagi from which , light, inaccurate anti-aircraft fire was noted. One direct hit scored by 3 bombs dropped at Koheki town. A number of secondary explosions with much debris and black smoke, possibly due to hits in ammunition dump marked the drop of nine bombs at Hotei town.

     The last ten bombs were dropped at several small towns on the return trip with numerous hits but no assessable results due to inclement weather. One of 3 small schooners in Hotei Harbor was sunk and the others damaged by strafing, during which their crews abandoned them.

     During the strikes 17,020 rounds of .50 caliber ammunition was expended and propaganda leaflets were dropped. Three B-25s suffered minor damage and 3 crew members (2nd Lt. Merle L Meacham, Everett P. Brady Jr and Leslie G. Geary Jr.) were slightly wounded by moderate to light, inaccurate to accurate ack-ack from a factory at Suantau, ten miles southwest of Kagi. This apparently new factory was being painted at the time of the attack and five flat cars laden with sugar cane was observed in it's yards. K-21 low oblique photos were taken by four planes, and the sextetwinged it's way back to home base, landing at 1435/I without mishap.