There were two B-26 type aircraft. The first B-26 was built in 1941 by Martin Company and called the “Marauder”, which was the aircraft flown by the 69th and 70th Squadrons early on in the 38th BG.  Shortly after the battle of Midway the 69th and 70th Squadrons were transferred out of the 38th BG.  The second aircraft was built in 1944 by the Douglas Company and was called the “Invader”. This latter model was designated as an A-26 until 1945 when the Air force took the Martin B-26 out of the inventory and re-designated the Douglas “Invader” as a B- 26. The 38th BG was assigned this later model just after WW II ended. So the 38th BG flew both models; however, only the early model during WW II.