On July 28, 2015, Tom Behrens, son of 38th Bomb Group member Al Behrens (deceased) presented a copy of the "Sunsetters of the Southwest Pacific" to the Library of Congress, accompanied by his three grandsons.

In 2011, after waiting over 20 years for IHRA to publish their book, the 38th Bomb Group Association obtained permission to print a limited edition of 500 copies intended for Association members and their families.  Mr. Behrens purchased an extra copy with the intent to present to the Library of Congress.  After a search of the library, no other duplicates of this book were found, so the Library of Congress was then able to accept the gift.  During a trip to Washington DC with his wife and three grandsons, Mr. Behrens presented the book which will now have a permanent place in the Library of Congress collection.

LOC Presentation

Left to Right:  Peyton McDaniel, Matthew McDaniel, Debra Graham (LOC), Tom Behrens, Taylor McDaniel