I recall a hunting trip out of 17 Mile strip in the fall of 1942 that caused a thrill and lots of risk

A friend, Mel Glover of the 71st and I decided to go crocodile hunting in the huge swamp adjacent to 17 Mile air strip out of Port Moresby, New Guinea  No boat was available so we managed with a 5-man life raft that was found on all B-25 bombers.

We had not gone too far up the swamp, when a small "croc" slid off the bank into the swamp. I thought it went under the raft (maybe not), but I do know that the aluminum paddle in Mel's hand was like a 50 hp motor! As we beached the raft we heard shots a short distance away. We investigated and found an Australian skinning out a crocodile that was 12-14 feet long. I was glad he wasn't the one we disturbed, or maybe this article wouldn't have been written! If memory serves me, this is the same swamp where Major Ezra Best lost his life.