Soda Pop can lead to strange things--

Ray Lewman reports that on one of Ed Maurer's many visits with him in Austin, Texas, Ed stated that he and Phil Kelsall were having a few drinks of sods pop in the officer's club in Port Morseby one evening. About midnight they decided to return to the 405th squadron area. As they were walking down the narrow path through the Kunai grass with Phil a few steps ahead, he cautioned Ed to be careful of a tire laying in the path, but by the time he had finished, Ed had stepped on it and it moved. Ed said he jumped straight up, landed on top of the Kunai grass and ran about a hundred feet before landing on the path to resume his trip to the squadron. No doubt it was the soda pop that gave Ed the lift to run on top of the kunai grass. ( Raysubsequently checked with Phil who did not remember the incident, but as Ed' navigator, the editor can vouch for the story)