Sam Mazzarra reminds the inlisted men had open showers until---

Sam Mazzarra reminds that the enlisted personnel had open showers in New Guinea until canvas became available to enclose them, "Until this point, the EM's gave the natives a free side show, with them standing in line, pointing and laughing while we showered."

Sam also recalls the "Italian Club" periodic spaghetti dinners in the mes hall around midnight. "Our illustrious chef was Frank DiPonio (deceased). We would pick up Italian cheese, speghetti in Sydney where there was (and still is) quite a lrge Italian settlement.

There was a little lean-to about half way to Lae which sold hamburgers and steak sandwiches for 5 pounds! That was over $15.00!--which explains why we had very little beef in New Guinea. The G.I. stevedores had a corner on the market.

" And speaking of markets, on my first leave to Sydney (Dec/Jan 43/44) we were out of cigarettes at 17 mile and couldn't get any at the Roma House where we received our booze and cigarette rations, but there were plenty on the Sydney black market.