Terry Terrell's Diary Account Of Black Sunday. "

"4/16/44, Sunday, Nadzab: soupy and closed. Hollandia Townshp and supply dump (target)...Briefed after chow and took off at 10:00 a. m. The weather locally didn't look too hot. We hit the course alright and made our objective, doing an excellent job of bombing: right on target from 6,800 ft. On the return leg we hit bad weather at the Finnestaaire Range so Eddy Maurer broke off-our flight buzzed over Madang and out to sea and were diverted to Cape Glouchester. We paralleled the coast about 20 feet off the water circling, visability about one mile. The land was sock-ed in solid. We boke over land once and banked steeply to avoid the hills. Almost lost sight of our leader. We broke into the open & saw Cape Glouchester and headed in. We landed after having our right engine cut out on the "Go-Around" We landed on our second pass. Five B-25's & 1 B-24 set down there. Stayed with the 1st Marine Division, damned nice!---The Marines set up cots for us in the mess hall, gave us an excellent supper and treated us swell-had plenty of cigarettes & doughnuts and coffee. We stayed up 'til 12:00 talking about the narrow squeese that day."

"4/17/44, Monday, Glouchester to Nadzab-----We rose and shone to the clear call of a bugle sounding reville. we folded our cots & had and had a good breakfast-cream of wheat, fresh butter, omelet & coffee. At 7;30 a 60 piece Marine Corp Band, all slicked up, staged a parade and reville(flag raising  ceremony) in our honor. I felt little tremors go up and down my spine; it was excellent. We pre-flighted our ships, took  off, buzzed the field and flew back to Nadzab. We received word Lts Huhn and Barron, my old navigator-bombardier, were killed in a head-on collision with a P-47 at Saidor. Lt Rogers was critically wounded."

A distinguished SWPA anomoly, few crews remained intact after arrival in NG being split up to gain time with experienced crews. Terrell was co-pilot for Lt. D.L. Van Fleets crew from Columbia, SC to Charters Towers, Aus. where they became "replacements" for the 405th. Van Fleet flew a score of missions as CP, gunners Rose, Spranger and Turner were assigned to A-20s in the 312th at Gusap, Barron was a cauality as noted