Armorer's Lament or Those Bomb-Loading Bastards

It never fails when you're sound asleep
That into your shack Valeck does creep;
So quiet, so peaceful, not even a snore.
Then everthing shakes from the roof to the floor.

"Get up--Get out--get on your feet;
Hurry up --We gotta eat-
Make it snappy, come on let's go-
Jesus Christ, you guys eat slow;

We gulp our food in record time-
On the truck--off to the line,
Down the strip the tires squeal,
Barney Oldfield Valeck at the wheel,

The truck stops, Joe cracks the whip-
"Lift those bombs-- load that ship".
Check the racks--run"em thru-
Zombie's due in an hour or two.

Valeck looks-- blows his lid-
"Where the hell is the kerosene' kid!
Damn that rookie! he sleep's enough -
He should have been here when it was rough".

The bombs are loaded, the guns are hot,
As Lt. Miller appears on the spot
Are your shakels clean?--your pins in.
Then he takes his jeep and goes for a spin,

And that’s how it goes day after day
As Valeck's boys lead the way,
So here's to the guys who load and lift-

J.M.D. 111
Jose M. Diaz 111 12163266
Armament Officer Lt. Hobart D.Miller 0854275
Armament section chief S/Sgt.Joseph E.Valek

Joseph M. Daugherty memento's

Composed by Jose M. Diaz