This little poem was found among my father's document collection.  There is no author listed, so I don't know if he was the guilty party or not.  It's just a little bit racey and suggestive, but indicative of the passion our soldiers have.

~ Tom Behrens

One Night of Ecstasy

Her name was Grace, one of the best;
But that was the nite I gave her the test
I looked at her with joy and delight
For she was mine, all mine that night.

She looked so sweet, so pretty and slim.
The night was dark, the light was dim;
I was so excited my heard missed a beat
For I knew I was in for a treat.

I'd seen her stripped, I'd seen her bare
I felt all around, I felt her everywhere
But that was the nite I liked her best
And if you'll wait I'll tell you the rest.

I got inside her, she screamed with joy
For that was her first nite out with this boy.
I got up as high as I could
I handled her gently, for she was good.

I turned her over on her side
Then on her back, that was all I tried,
For she was one big thrill, the best in the land
That twin engine bomber of the 5th Bomber Command.