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History of the 38th Bomb Group

After decades (yes, decades) of waiting for International Historical Research Associates to complete publication of the promised "Saga of the Sunsetters" history of the 38th Bomb Group (WWII), the 38th Bomb Group Association acquired permission to publish the book ourselves.  Part of the agreement states that we can only sell the book at no profit to those who served in the 38th Bomb Group and their immediate family.  Therefore, a limited number of books were printed and sent to those who had already paid IHRA for their books many years ago. At this time, the special printing has been sold out.

We have all been anxiously awaiting to see Editor Larry Hickey's work that chronicles the history of the 38th.  There are no guarantees that it will ever be published, since Larry has passed away.  Please visit International Historical Research Associates for more information about the commercial version of this book and to advocate for a recommitment to publish the 38th's history.



The 38th Bomb Group was one of the most heroic air groups in the Pacific war, but probably the least well known.  A critical component to victory in Japan, the 38th Bomb Group was an integral part of of the Fifth Air Force through major campaigns and conquests in New Guinea, through the Philippines and to victory in Japan.

The 38th Bomb Group Association was formed to keep the legacy of this brave group of men alive, however was disbanded several years ago.  We should be proud of their heritage and of the contribution that they were able to make to our country's defense of freedom.  It is the hope in the memory of those men that you enjoy your trip through the history of the 38th Bomb Group assembled here.

The 38th Bomb Group Association officially disbanded in 2011, but their memory and legacy is being kept alive by this website.

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Did You Know?

  • Did You Know? The 38th Bomb Group was awarded four Distinguished Unit Citations, and one Philippine Presidential Citation.
  • Did You Know? The 38th Bomb Group's first station was in Langley, VA.
  • Did You Know? The 38th Bomb Group was assigned primarily B-25 aircraft, but also flew B-26, A20, and B-18 medium bombers.